The main activity area of MLR Tech Ltd. is design, development, integration, implementation and operation of complex systems in the following fields:

  • Information technology
  • Telemetrics
  • Remote supervision, monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Information and alarm systems

Our solutions can be used with high reliability in the following industries:

  • Disaster Management
  • Industrial Safety
  • Environment protection and control
  • Water management, quality
  • Meteorology

Our specialists have extensive routine implementig and operating the above mentioned systems in “heavy” environments:

  • Dangerous factories – chemical, fire and explosion hazard
  • Implementation and operation of explosion proof equipmnet
  • Working in public and private spaces

Our firm awarded several TETRA terminal contract at local Public Safety organizations to be supplied handportable and mobile terminals and its accessories. TETRA technology also used in developments of our main activity area, MLR Tech is application development partner for both Airbus Defense and Space and Sepura.