MoLaRi is a control room application specifically designed to uses where simplicity and lightning fast workflows are key functions like disaster management, border control, perimeter or object security.

MoLaRi supports the users with a very simple workflow as:
Collection and visualization of measurement data from a range of monitored devices like meteorology, poisonous and explosive gases, background radiation, perimeter security equipment
Audio and visual alarms for events generated or received from the monitored devices
Support the user with pre-defined action plans and a simple log of actions taken
Single or multi control of different equipment to notify either the on-site personnel or the population in a given are like sirens, in-door audio networks via BRC-001
The whole workflow and user interface is designed to simplicity, hiding all the complexity of the IT, network infrastructure, measurement and early warning devices under the hood.
The application has a modular design that enable it to accommodate different kind of monitored and controlled equipment. The modular design is realized in 5 application layers:
User Interface Client Application
Web Interface
Datacenter Central Application Module with its database
Local Center The Application Module of a site with its database
Device Interfaces Interface for each type of monitored device
Monitored and Controlled Devices Poisonous and explosive gases at industrial concentrations
Poisonous gases at city air quality monitoring concentrations
Background radiation
Electronic Sirens
BRC-001 Indoor Alarm Interface
Perimeter Security Devices
The application is scalable from controlling a single device to countrywide installations having thousands of devices. As large IT systems that are able to serve thousands of devices having high requirements of availability and data security, our team can provide professional assistance services from the design of your system through the implementation even to the training of the end users.
Use Cases
Poisonous and explosive gas measurement and public alarm with sirens around Sevezo classified industries MoLaRi
Early warning – Public Alarm Siren
Air quality monitoring Air quality monitoring system
Early warning systems
Early warning – Public Alarm Siren RPD-501/601 SIREN
Indoor Alarm interface
Background radiation Telemetric and Control System for Nuclear Industry